CAonAir Videotraining: Investment Decisions
Get the most important tools for professional ­investment decisions.
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  • CAonAir Videotraining: Investment Decisions

    Seminar-Nummer: 9.COA.2 Seminardauer: 1,0 Std.

    Investment Decisions are one of the most important decisions in companies. Therefore correct calculations are as important as strategic evaluations. Learn about practical hints and rules of thumb for a holistic approach. This videotraining guides you step by step through a practical case of an IT investment and motivates to do it yourself. Additional hints will surprise you. Not every investment with a payback makes sense from a strategic point of view. We show you two strategic methods. An elaborated instrument to compare different investment options and a „hands on“ method to make the strategic impacts of an investment transparent.

    Your benefits

    You get to know the strategic and operational criteria of investment decisions efficiently.

    Seminar Content

    • Discounted cash flow Method and Rule of 72
    • Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
    • Qualitative Analysis of Investment Decisions
    • Evaluation of the Strategic Impact


    Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Pascher

    is partner and trainer of CA Akademie AG and responsible manager for its International Program and CAonAir online training. He provides controlling and finance training in German, English, French and Spanish language. He assists companies in putting strategic, operational and financial controlling topics into practice. Furthermore, he is IBCS® certified trainer for better reporting and expert for clear presentations and business partnering. He specialized on project and sales controlling and psychological principles of clear communication and leadership competences for change projects. Dietmar Pascher is industrial engineer for informatics and business administration. First he worked as a sales controller in Frischeis AG, Austrians biggest retailer for furniture industry supplies. Second he joined KNAPP AG in Graz, Austria - world leading supplier for warehouse logistics – working as a project manager and controller for international projects. Before joining CA Akademie AG he was director of research and development for KNAPP AG.

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    Cornelia Beer
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    Online Training

    Seminar-Nummer: 9.COA.2

    Kontakt und Beratung

    Cornelia Beer
    Seminar buchen:
  • 49 EUR
    Preise zzgl. gesetzlicher Umsatzsteuer.

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