Stage V - Presentation & Moderation for Controllers
Improve your communication skills and enhance your perceptiveness in groups.

3 minutes live at Seminar Stage V Presentation & Moderation for Controllers

Stage V - Presentation & Moderation for Controllers

Seminar-Nummer: 9.5 Seminardauer: 5 Tage
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Seminar-Nummer: 9.5
Improve your communication skills and enhance your perceptiveness in groups.

Ongoing changes in company organization increase the demand for the controller to act as business partner. In the interaction with managers, controller need to recognize, visualize, present but also discuss economic interrelations, more than ever. In addition to the holistic economic understanding, knowledge on communication in groups, processing information for faster comprehension is needed, as well as the ability to facilitate developing discussions in a target-oriented way. Corresponding behavioral training is a firm component for up-to-date controller education.

 Your benefits

  • You will learn techniques and key success factors for solving complex topics
  • You will have developed and applied most important recommendations relating to the presentation by utilizing video analysis
  • You will optimize your communicative skills as controller and business partner
  • The task field of business partner as facilitator of group processes will be comprehensively explained and exercised intensively, based on concrete tasks from controller-practice
  • You receive personal feedback and implementation advices to appearance, language and behavior during the whole week, from CA-trainers and other participants – also by means of video evaluation. Small work groups ensure retaining the gained knowledge through numerous transfer units
  • Finally, you will give a diploma-worthy presentation and moderate a plenary session with all the participants

Workshop Content

I. Method Training

  • Strategic analysis and strategic program
  • Applying the strategic planning method Canvas
  • Visualization, presentation and moderation techniques
  • Applying question techniques in a targeted manner, especially when moderating
  • Protocol techniques for “solving problems as a team”

II. Personal Skills

  • Promoting and interfering behavioral patterns in teams and plenary sessions
  • Moderation of teams and plenaries
  • Presentation work in front of plenaries
  • Recommendations on behavior in these situations
  • Video analysis

 III. Solving Complex Problems in Teams

  • Team analysis: phases of team work
  • Team composition and team efficiency
  • Observing and giving feedback on behavior
  • Structuring work processes
  • Visualizing results

IV. Ensuring Transfer

  • Reflection of own actions and effects
  • As participants: What, how and when do I want to implement change?
  • Success factors for implementation

Target groups

Stage V – Presentation and Moderation for Controllers is adressed to managers and employees in controlling, financial accounting as well as in cost accounting, corporate planning, management information systems, business administration and development.


Dr. Klaus Eiselmayer

has been a trainer since 1995, a partner since 1997 and a member of the Management Board of CA Akademie AG since 2012. He is a board member of the International Group of Controlling and a board member of the International Controller Association. He specializes in business planning, internal and external accounting, value management as well as presentation, moderation and team design in German and English. From 2007 to 2013, he was a board member of the Verlag für ControllingWissen publishing house and editor of the Controller Magazin.

Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Pascher

is a partner at CA Akademie AG, keynote speaker, trainer for controllers, non-controllers and managers. He is responsible for CA International and online training. As a consultant, he supports companies in the implementation of projects in English, Spanish and French. He is also an IBCS® trainer for reporting and an expert in presentations. He also specializes in project and sales controlling, communication, leadership and business partnering.

Teilnehmerstimmen zu diesem Seminar
»Great seminar with really amazing trainers. The content is very relevant and it will be a great help in my further career development. I especially like that we work on practical examples and situations as they happen in real life.«
David Laban Stariha, Iskraemeco d.d.
»Very engaging & personable trainer. Many ideas and topics discussed with relevance in daily work.«
William Hinshaw, Deublin Company, LLC
»Perfectly made, thank you, Klaus. A lot of practical examples were given.«
Teodor Ivanov, MDZ Dentaprime EAD
»Thank you very much for an exciting week full of detailed aspects about presentation & moderation for controllers. It was beneficial to me and I am very grateful to you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us this week, in which we learned a lot. Thank you for creating such a friendly environment for us to feel free to express ourselves. You organized the program very well and you are clear and transparent in communicating the objectives to every team.«
Dr. Valentina Alexa, Alexa Piggeries Pty. Ltd.
»I appreciate your great effort for teaching us presentation and moderation. My next tasks in future will be to implement (step by step) things that I learned from you in the last 5 days. Thank you very much.«
Srdjan Jankovic
»Thank you and the rest of the CA Team to make this journey happened. During the last two stages with you, we gained skills which will help us in our everyday life.«
Urban Pustovrh, Marmor Hotavlje d.o.o.
»Perfect content of the seminar for what I need and often do in practice.«
Borut Radi, GVO d.o.o.
»Presentation and feedback were a great experience. Very important to see, what to improve. The trainer are very friendly, great knowledge and a lot of examples, good understanding.«
Rik Pienski, EUROGATE GmbH & Co. KGaA, KG
»The way of training and the particular presentation method of the CA trainers enhanced my controlling abilities.«
Jan Šulc, Continental Teves s.r.o.

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Katharina Vosberg

Seminar-Nummer: 9.5

Seminardauer: 5 Tage
115 Bewertungen
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