Controlling for Non-Controllers
Your introduction to the world of controlling and an overview of the relevant tools and methods.
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  • Controlling for Non-Controllers

    Seminar-Nummer: NIC.E Seminardauer: 2 Tage

    As a specialist in a department, an assistant of a manager, an accountant or an employee in administration, you constantly need to improve your skills and expertise in the area of controlling. Until now your contact with controlling, management or financial accounting has been sporadic or perhaps even non-existent. Increasingly, you see the advantages of controlling and therefore want to obtain a better understanding about which controlling tools and methods can be applied for what purpose in order to derive which benefits. You expect guidance on how to steer with key performance indicators (KPIs) and controlling tools and how to implement them in practice.

    Your benefits

    • Obtain an overview of the necessary knowledge and related methods to steer departments / cost centers
    • Become introduced to the world of controlling and the relevant terminology
    • Learn what controlling support means, which tools controllers use and how they can be applied or implemented by you
    • Develop a fundamental understanding of the tasks, competencies and responsibilities of controllers (management accountants)

    Seminar Content

    • Understand the meaning of controlling and the role of a controller as a business partner to management
    • Structure the cooperation between specific departments and controlling
    • Recognise the interdependencies and overlaps between accounting and controlling
    • Discover the core functions and important terms (accounts receivables, accounts payables, fixed assets, revenue and costs, general ledger, depreciation, cash flow)
    • Understand the creation of profit and loss planning, financial planning, cash flow statements and the balance sheet, and recognise the role you play in each
    • Understand the basics of cost accounting (profit, service and cost centers, types of costs, internal charging and allocations)
    • Understand the difference between full cost accounting and marginal costing and recognise the economic consequences of each
    • Learn how to use budgets, monthly reports, variance analysis and forecasts as important management tools
    • Learn how to classify projects and business orders
    • Differentiate and apply economic efficiency calculations and investment calculations
    • Understand how to calculate a minimum profit
    • Understand product costing, management result accounting and the income statement (direct and indirect costs, cost allocation, mark-ups, pricing)
    • Understand the difference between calculatory (imputed) depreciation and interest from book depreciation and interest
    • Develop an insight into the steering potential of service-based internal charging versus cost allocations
    • Understand the meaning and significance of key figures and KPIs

    Target groups

    This seminar is for „non-financial employees“, specialists and assistants of different company departments as well as accountants who want to take a first step into the topic of controlling and who do not have controlling-specific training. For those who want to strengthen their qualifications in this topic, Stage I of the Controllers Training Program in five stages the perfect content for further education.

    Seminar information

    The seminars are held in the inner city and can be easily reached by public transport. Lunch is included in the seminar costs. There are no accommodation costs if you reside outside the seminar location. We reserve rooms in the seminar hotel, which you can book directly with the hotel until approx. 4 weeks before the seminar.


    Dr. Thomas Biasi

    has graduated in economics with focus on Controlling and Service-Management at the Universities of Innsbruck and Modena. He started his career in London, Frankfurt and Milan and had been responsible for the controlling in an international operating insurance company. Since 1997 he is working in CA Akademie AG as trainer, coach and management consultant, especially for projects in strategic planning and improvements of a corporate controlling culture. Thomas Biasi has developed experiences in many branches as well as in the public sector. He provides training and coaching in German, Italian and English.

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    Martina Wiegand
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  • 995 EUR*
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    This seminar can be booked as an in-house training.
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    Seminar-Nummer: NIC.E
    Seminardauer: 2 Tage

    Kontakt und Beratung

    Martina Wiegand
    Seminar buchen:
    ausgebucht Restplätze verfügbar frei
    Termine auswählen:
  • 995 EUR*
    *) Mittagessen, Pausensnacks und Getränke sind im Seminarpreis enthalten.
    Preise zzgl. gesetzlicher Umsatzsteuer.

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