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26.10.2016 von CA Redaktion | Controlling English

Titel Controlling goes international

Strong support from ICV and CA

ICV work group leaders in East and South-East of Europe as well as China spread the Controlling idea in their countries

The internationalisation of the International Controllers Association (ICV) is steadily proceeding (see previous article), and as the community expands, the controlling idea is being spread, too. We at the CA are proud to play an active, ongoing role in the process to shape its direction. 45 years of controlling training in German and 25 years of the Diploma Programme in English have contributed as well.

The seminars in English are always a challenge and a remarkable experience. There you will find 25 participants from 14 countries sitting together near the shores of Lake Starnberg sharing their knowledge about controlling. Their professional experience ranges from accounting and finance to controlling and business development.

Controlling has indeed become an export hit for central Europe. German software has likewise fuelled the process, as have international corporate groups and the word-of-mouth effect that arises from the figures of well-managed, successful companies. This would not have been possible to this extent without our partners, who network via the ICV and the International Group of Controlling (IGC).

Working together for a common cause, we are grateful for the tremendous dedication that many people demonstrate, such as Dragica Erčulj, Jasmina Očko, Bojan Šćepanović, Vladislav Talkach or Valentin A. Usenkov, to name just a few. By training controllers and managers locally in their native languages, the heads of ICV work groups professionalise and spread the controlling idea. They are all motivated by the desire to equip their compatriots with better professional skills so that they can achieve even more success in their professional lives. We from the CA welcome the opportunity to support them by providing seminars, local events, teaching skills or “train-the-trainer” events in our Diploma Programme.

seminar participants

International interaction and qualification

Learning means expanding your horizons, facing new challenges and preparing yourself for a globalised world. This year, for example, Jasmina Očko brought to Munich 20 participants, who had obtained their Certificate locally in their native language, in order to complete in English the Level V stage of the CA Diploma Programme. It was truly a special occasion, with international interaction and presentations worthy of the Diploma. You could literally feel the satisfaction in the faces of the participants – new missionaries taking home the controlling idea in order to actively participate in its development in their countries as alumni and young members of the ICV.

This year Zhen Huang, our long-standing training partner in Shanghai has also established the first ICV work group in China, mobilising participants from the controller community it has fostered through his seminars. In doing so he has created a way for European companies in China to find strong controlling support for exchanging experiences and boosting skills, locally and in both Chinese and English.

I would especially like to highlight the ICV’s activities in Poland, which have increasingly focused on translating content into English so that the findings of ICV work groups (Green Controlling, Working Capital Management) are accessible internationally. Our partners have meanwhile also translated the contents of CA seminars into countless languages, including English, Spanish, Polish, Serbian, Croatian and Chinese.


Dietmar Pascher
Published in Controller Magazin Spezial, 2016, page 10-11

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