Inhouse Seminar: Interactive Reporting with Power BI

With Power BI, Microsoft provides a software package for the implementation of modern reporting solutions. This includes graphically supported analysis of large amounts of data as well as interactive reports and dashboards that work on the office screen and on mobile devices. The main components of the Power BI Suite are Power BI Desktop, the Power BI Service and Power BI Mobile. Based on existing data sources, Power BI generates so-called visuals. These are diagrams and tables with dynamic control options, similar to pivot tables in Excel. Variety and dynamics of the offered visuals bring many advantages but also new challenges. The art lies in using features sensibly and at the same time communicating content in a clear and concise way. For a meaningful design, in the sense of the SUCCESS rules from the seminar management reporting, some conceptual considerations as well as suitable implementation methods are necessary here. This training focuses on the professional visualization of business data based on the technical possibilities of Power BI. The learned methods can later be easily transferred to your own use cases.

Your benefits

  • In the seminar Interactive Reporting with Power BI you get to know the software package Power BI and train all important basics, from loading the data into the data model to designing report layouts and publishing the finished reports.
  • You can use the available graph and table types correctly, so that the reports and dashboards built from them are as informative and easy to understand as possible.
  • When implementing a dashboard step-by-step according to the previously defined design rules, you train the use of Power BI using a practical example.

Seminar content

  • Learn about Power BI tools and application possibilities
  • Understand design rules for easy-to-use reports and dashboards
  • Import data from various sources into the Power BI data model
  • Add key figure calculations for ad hoc analysis directly in Power BI
  • Build report pages with graphs, tables, and interactive filtering
  • Implement dynamic additional features (e.g. switching scenarios via data editing)
  • Optimize graphics, tables and page layout according to design rules
  • Use recommendable (free) custom visuals from the App Store
  • Prepare and publish optimized report layouts for desktops and mobile devices
  • Practice implementation using practical application examples

To participate in this seminar, Power BI must be set up beforehand. You need a valid user account for the Power BI service (registration at:, which you can access online during the seminar (e.g. via WIFI). You will also need a current version of Power BI Desktop on your laptop (installation required). Please use a prepared notebook and a mouse. Optionally you can use a smartphone or tablet on which the Power BI Mobile App is installed. Previous knowledge of the use of the software tools mentioned is not required.

Target group

The seminar Interactive Reporting with Power BI is aimed at everyone who wants to implement user-friendly and informative reports and dashboards with Power BI.