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We help you to implement your projects and get you set for the future.

Especially in highly dynamic and volatile times, agile focused management control is the linchpin of business success.


9 good reasons why CA Consulting is the right partner to implement your projects.

With a tradition dating back to 1971, we are experts in management steering and controlling and always take a holistic view of your projects and the good of your organisation.

1. Experience in all areas

We have a wealth of experience in implementing projects from start-ups to blue chip companies across all sectors and put together a team of experts tailored to suit your requirements.

2. Bespoke solutions

Standard solutions rarely lead to long-term success. That is why we develop bespoke solutions with you that take into account the special nature of your company.

3. Employee involvement

We involve employees from different levels of the hierarchy and organisational units in the project and ensure the necessary communication and interaction.

4. One face to the customer

You will have a dedicated point of contact for the entire duration of your project.

5. Acceptance and sustainability

We create acceptance, sustainability and independence by injecting new know-how into your organisation.

6. Practical approach to problem-solving

Our objective, holistic approach brings new ideas and stimuli to your company.

7. Keeping costs under control

Projects are not inflated or made more complex than they really are. We share our know-how and do not aim to create dependency on advisors. Instead, your employees should push ahead with the project and make a success of it. This is the only way to achieve a high level of acceptance within the company.

8. Conception to completion

We assist you from project conception to completion and provide project support on an equal footing. Every project is managed by a CA partner and is supported by an experienced project manager locally.

9. Fast, practical implementation

Our approach is hands-on, so we don’t devise theoretical concepts. Instead, we provide you with methodical, professional support to quickly let you take the reins and achieve visible successes for your company.

CA Consulting – reference projects

Reference projects in the respective sectors:


  • Strategy development and implementation for the controller sector
  • Development of a multi-dimensional management result account without allocations
  • Controlling redesign aimed at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and systems based on group-wide standardisation and process automation
  • Analysis of customer profitability by developing a customer result account and rollout of controlling measures by Sales
  • Optimization of reporting
  • Development of driver trees for value driver-based planning and controlling
  • Development of scenario/bandwidth planning
  • Development/redesign of an integrated planning process – from strategy to operative budget
  • Optimization and shortening of the planning process
  • Implementation of the 4-window form for successful plan-actual comparison meetings
  • Development/optimization of sales controlling, production controlling, purchasing controlling, investment controlling, project controlling and HR controlling
  • Working capital management to reduce tied-up capital and improve results
  • Introduction of a rolling forecast
  • Development of an indicator system with the help of cause and effect relationships
  • Implementation of a management cockpit with controlling-related indicators
  • Calculation of products and services
  • Conception and rollout of target costing
  • Linking strategy and higher-level company financial indicators with the operative process indicators from the business units
  • Rollout of process costing for internal cost allocation or more detailed calculation
  • Implementation of deviation analyses
  • Rollout of fixed cost controlling with performance indicators for the administrative units
  • Optimization of the pricing strategy
  • Automation of standardised repetitive processes via robotic process automation


  • Business model development against the backdrop of digital transformation
  • Strategy development (customer, market, company, competitive and stakeholder analysis, mission and vision, definition of strategic aims, derivation and assessment of strategic options, breakdown of the strategy into the operative sector)
  • Performance of strategy reviews
  • Strategic realignment of a business unit based on portfolio optimization
  • Analysis and assessment of competitive advantages
  • Development and control of a shared service center for administrative tasks (e.g. finance & controlling, HR, IT)
  • Modern center controlling via internal cost allocation (rollout of a profit, service and cost center structure)
  • Implementation of the lean thinking philosophy in the company
  • Implementation of lean tools
  • Development/optimization of a risk management system
  • Boosting of capacity for innovation through the implementation of innovation management
  • Set-up of a supplier management system – options for supplier assignment and deriving action
  • Possible cornerstones of digital networking in purchasing as part of Industry 4.0
  • Strategy implementation with balanced scorecard
  • Strategy implementation with Hoshin Kanri
  • Conception and rollout of a bonus system for employees
  • Development of a process model for all value creation and support functions
  • Coaching and support during the transition to an agile organization
  • Implementation of innovation methods and processes in your organization

Accounting & Finance

  • Financial analysis for assessing competitors or suppliers
  • Conversion from period costing to a cost of sales method
  • Examination of whether tax transfer pricing is also suitable for internal controlling

Information Management

  • Using BI to identify potential and opportunities and lever them
  • Drafting of BI, big data and advanced analytics strategy
  • Software/technology selection and implementation
  • Define BI governance rules in dealing with BI
  • Rollout and establishment of a BI Competence Center (BICC)
  • Identification of BI tool requirements
  • Identification of big data and digitization potentials
  • Clarification of tasks, roles and the suitable organization structures in connection with digitization – e.g. data scientist, data analyst, data engineer
  • Planning options with BI tools
  • Rollout of process mining

Social skills

  • Team set-up and leadership and improvement of team spirit
  • Improvement of management and staff presentation and rhetorical skills
  • Monitoring and support in the initiation, planning and carrying out of change processes
  • Help with the constructive settlement of conflicts within your organisation and project teams, also in the wake of change processes
  • Personal coaching of executives also in respect of new challenges

What form does a typical project launch take?


First of all, we obtain a clear picture of the current situation and then define the task ahead with you.


In close agreement, we jointly define the project aims, scope, project team and rough time schedule.


A project job is created for this purpose and is managed in-line with the project as a “live” document.


All other project steps are continuously coordinated and defined in line with agile project management.

We will be happy to advise you personally on your particular issue.

Point of contact

We will be happy to advise you personally on your particular issue.


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