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Achieving a common understanding of controlling – Inhouse training in Chicago

08.07.2022 | Controlling English
Most companies would like to have a common understanding of controlling worldwide. A common understanding not only defines the accepted and practiced methods and quality standards within an organization, but also reduces ...

Confidence in action through applicable knowledge and new competencies

22.11.2021 | Controlling English
Today, we have an infinite number of possibilities and an unlimited amount of knowledge. The crucial thing is to quickly find the appropriate methods and knowledge from the flood of what is available and to separate the important ...

Real CMA-questions so you know what to expect

19.07.2021 | Controlling English
An examination is required for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) degree. The CMA exams are computer-based and administered in hundreds of testing facilities worldwide. With three testing windows each year, you can sit for ...

Production controlling: from the third industrial revolution to Industry 4.0

30.06.2021 | Controlling English
Value creation happens first and foremost in production. Volatile markets, high complexity, technological leaps, global supply relationships and specific customer requirements place high demands on industrial production. The ...

Meaningfully using Agile Methods and an Agile Mindset in Controlling

10.06.2021 | Controlling English
Cynefin Framework by Dave SnowdenIndividuals and interactions instead of processes and tools. Responding to change instead of following a plan. Even just those two basic values from the Agile Manifesto likely cause a sense of ...
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Artificial Intelligence in Controlling

Artificial Intelligence in Controlling


Translated from Controller Magazine Special May 2020
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Controlling Process Model 2.0
second edition

Publication of IGC International Group of Controlling

Analysing, designing and communicating controlling processes. The Controlling Process Model aims to analyse, design and document controlling processes, as well as to support communication about controlling processes. The foundation of the process model is the IGC definition of controlling, combined with the range of tasks of a controller derived from the IGC controller mission statement. Autoren: Dr. Klaus Eiselmayer, Thomas Gackstatter, Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich, Kai Grönke, Prof. Dr. Jana Heimel, Peter Löhnert, Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler, Dr. Uwe Michel, Prof. Dr. Klaus Möller, Dr. Rita Niedermayr, Jens Ropers, Dr. Mike Schulze, Philipp Thiele, Hubert Tretter, Mirko Waniczek, Andreas Zechmann (Hardcover: 80 pages, Euro 23,18 Prices plus VAT within Germany)

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