Inhouse Training & Coaching

Inhouse trainings, as well as process support and advice around the topics of controlling, corporate management, financial accounting and social skills


Gundula Artmann, MBA
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Inhouse Seminar

Our inhouse seminars aim to impart knowledge about topics relevant to controlling. They are primarily intended for managers and specialists, who themselves do not carry out any controlling function, but, as a competent business associate for controllers, should share the idea and basic understanding of controlling.

In addition we offer topic-centred controller seminars in a compact form. We integrate the content and method of our inhouse seminars into your existing processes of personnel development, e.g., within the framework of your own training centre or training program. During inhouse seminars all seminar working papers are provided by the CA Akademie.

A business simulation game is ideal for inhouse seminars. It maps out a company and all its business management components. Participants immediately see the impact of their decisions.

Inhouse Workshops

Workshops serve the purpose of working together, e.g. for developing and implementing a strategy. In this case we see ourselves as facilitators supporting you in finding and working on a solution.

Our service includes a preparatory interview, workshop design, supplying the necessary working material, personal moderation of the workshop, reporting results and post-processing such as documentation and input for supportive coaching.

Structure and Booking

The extent, order of events and structure of our services are each individually discussed with you as a customer. Seminars and workshops according to the individual needs of our customers consist of mainly two to three days of intensive work in order to guarantee an intensive level of activity with the topic at hand. We also offer one-day training sessions to deal with compact, very concentrated topic areas.


The CA Akademie charges a daily rate for inhouse seminars and workshops. The documentation for up to 25 participants is included in the fee. Expenses for the trainer’s travel and accommodation are charged separately. Please contact our office for a detailed quotation.


Extensive training projects require sufficient preparation time to ensure that the individual customer needs are met. So, please remember to contact us half a year in advance to agree upon an appropriate date for the seminar or workshop planned. We may, however, depending on our commitments be able to organize a training session within a shorter period of time. Please contact us to find out the earliest possible date.

Coaching, advice and process support

Beyond pure training measures we are pleased to stand by your side when implementing your new projects and establishing new processes. We strive for the quickest possible transfer of knowledge. Guidance to do things yourself is first and foremost our priority as this enables you to achieve your objective with minimal external support.

For instance in coaching projects we supply expert support in devising concepts for solution approaches, setting up the project or composing the team, or we provide quality assurance during the implementation phase. We are also happy to deploy a controller as project manager to assist you, forming a joint counterpart to the external consulting team.



Seminars and workshops
The CA Akademie attaches great importance to presentation centred on participants and to the greatest possible learning and transfer effects in all seminars and workshops. This is achieved through special presentation techniques, using flip charts or pin boards (metaplan boards) to jointly tackle content with participants. Besides the topic-oriented presentations by trainers, our seminars also include case studies, role plays, and group work if time permits. Customers and participants can also contribute their own topics.

Coaching, advice and process support
By contrast, during coaching the emphasis is on learning by doing. So the actual project work is conducted by the participants themselves. We are on hand to supply advice. In particular, when it comes to one-to-one coaching you will have to be prepared for homework; intensive reflection and transfer into a ‘new mode of behaviour’ or ‘different mindset’ tends to be time-consuming.

International Program
The CA Akademie is your partner for inhouse training in all controlling matters. In addition, internal training seminars and workshops may also be held in English, Spanish, Italian or Chinese. Of course, work papers and documentation are available in all these languages.

Target Groups

  • Corporations and SMEs from all sectors
  • Institutions and non-profit organisations


Apart from the English language, seminars, workshops and coaching are provided in German, of course, and in Spanish and Italian. Training in further languages is covered by partners. This is especially convenient for international companies. Contact us for further information.

Training concept

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Implementation support
  • Personal coaching
  • Advice and process support
  • Blended learning
  • Webinars
  • Train the trainer
  • In German, English and other languages

Comprehensive further training mix