Inhouse Seminar: Predictive and Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is the buzzword around modern analytical procedures and methods in planning, simulation or risk analysis in controlling. With some previous knowledge of data management and analysis methods, you will benefit in this 3-day seminar from the detailed introduction to the practice of Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Using practical implementation examples, you will learn how to apply machine learning algorithms in a cloud based development environment.

Your benefits

  • You will acquire the necessary specialist knowledge for the entry into Advanced Analytics and the effective use of Big Data.
  • In this seminar you will receive structured project knowledge for the development and implementation of Big Data/Advanced Analytics projects.
  • You will get an overview of common technologies and products for Advanced Analytics.
  • You will gain your first practical experience with typical techniques for Advanced Analytics through computer exercises.
  • Learn how you can leverage cloud solutions for Advanced Analytics.

Seminar content

  • Overview of Big Data and Advanced Analytics strategies in enterprises
  • Project methods and templates for the introduction of a Big Data and Advanced Analytics strategy
  • Identification of Big Data and digitalization potentials classification of tasks, roles and the appropriate organizational structures within the scope of digitalization – e.g. Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer
  • Overview of analytical methods and development languages within Advanced Analytics
  • Overview of trends and innovations in the Big Data and Advanced Analytics tool market
  • Overview of possible cloud architectures
  • Practical exercises with “R” and “Azure ML” using selected demo examples
  • Development of first own analytical models
  • Use of a cloud environment for the implementation of practical examples

For the practical part, you need an internet-capable notebook that can connect to the WIFI at your seminar location. Even if no local admin rights are required, please check before the seminar whether the internet access of your notebook via WIFI still works without restrictions.

Target group

The seminar Predictive and Advanced Analytics is aimed at employees in controlling or in departments with an interest in advanced analysis methods, BI and big data experts, business analysts in departments as well as IT employees with tasks and interests in the fields of advanced analysis methods.