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Customized solutions

Developing employee competence is becoming more important, but also more complex. Detailed job families, target and current profiles, global knowledge standards, corporate-specific processes, rules, systems and regulations need to be taken into account. New employees have to quickly learn the ropes and develop their skills in the long-term.

The different job and qualification profiles of employees need to be further optimized to safeguard global competitiveness in the future. So take advantage of our wide services portfolio and know-how in business management training. We can help you to devise, optimize or enhance your individual further training mix.

Worldwide training

We conduct inhouse training around the globe, either on our own or via license partners.

Multilingual projects are managed by us and in cooperation with our license partners, for instance in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Serbian, Slovenian or Spanish.

Comprehensive further training mix

We are best equipped to address all personnel and corporate development needs with our wide range of different qualification programs.

Open courses

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Training programs
  • Special seminars
  • Training courses
  • Webinars
  • Retreat-training or city-training
  • In German, English and other languages via license partners


Seminar topics and diplomas


  • Seminars and workshops
  • Implementation support
  • Personal coaching
  • Advice and process support
  • Blended learning
  • Webinars
  • Train the trainer
  • In German, English and other languages


Inhouse Training, Consulting, Coaching

Use our efficiency and know-how
and realize your strategic personnel and
corporate development with us in an efficient
targeted process.

Scenario A

You further training concept is well-established and running successfully (worldwide).

The CA recommends additions to your training mix.

Scenario B

You are working on your further training concept for employees.

The CA supports you with the development of a further training concept and devises a coordinated further training mix.

Scenario C

You promote employee development without committing sizeable inhouse resources.

The CA advises and supports you in selecting products from our comprehensive portfolio (open and inhouse).

Examples of a possible further training mix

Example for training mix

  • Large-scale event
  • Webinars (DE/EN) CA
  • Inhouse online training
  • Presence training new employees
  • Implementation workshop
  • Specialist subjects, open seminars

Example for training mix

  • Train the Trainer
  • Inhouse training
  • Webinars (DE/EN)
  • Online training (DE/EN)
  • Video training (DE/EN)
  • Personal coaching

Example for training mix

  • Moderation strategy workshop
  • Implementation support
  • Open seminars

Example for training mix

  • Inhouse training
  • Workshops in open program
  • Certificates CA

Fully equipped for the future

Controlling, management, accounting & finance and information management will interact and overlap to a much greater extent in the future. We therefore offer perfect 360° knowledge coverage and further training solutions for enhanced business expertise with our specialized course portfolio.

At the CA you will find the appropriate training programs for your managers, beginners or professionals.

  • We support controllers to master controlling methods even more effectively and build up a broader know-how that includes all business processes.
  • Expert consultants and decision-makers from the accounting and controlling departments will find numerous seminars in order to gain profouund and up-to-date knowledge in international financial accounting.
  • For Non-Financials, from other operational departements, we offer programs to acquire and increase comprehensive controlling knowledge as well as business expertise.
  • In addition we provide a range of special seminars to increase your social skills.

Worry-free organization

We organize your seminar from start to finish and supply you with all important seminar information. Depending on the type of seminar, we also take care of accommodation and meals. You are supplied with detailed documentation on the subject matter for all seminars and workshops.

Fully networked

We consistently promote an exchange of ideas between colleagues from a wide variety of companies and sectors as an additional bonus of all seminars. And once seminars are over, we continue to foster knowledge and experience transfer, for instance in the area of “retraining” or social network communities.