Inhouse Certified Change Agent Program
Establish change agents while implementing planned change projects.

Inhouse Certified Change Agent Program

Build a network of effective change agents
while implementing planned change projects.

Organizations are facing major changes. Strategic change initiatives need to be developed and implemented. But to really implement transformation projects successfully and promptly, a competent change team with free resources within the organization is required. With this program, you will establish an internal network of effective change agents that will effectively drive the transformation of your company and also inspire your colleagues to embrace change.


CA Certified Change Agent Program

Selected persons from your company take part in a program lasting around six months to become CA Certified Change Agents, while at the same time working on the company’s change projects. In an ongoing process, participants put their new knowledge into practice in their change projects. In the process, they gain experience, consolidate their know-how and pass it on to others. In addition, the prospective change agents benefit from two one-to-one personality development coaching sessions. Throughout the program, participants are supported by a change expert schooled in psychology who also liaises closely with the company’s inhouse program coordinator.

The participants

  • know the basics of change leadership with all the central models and tools
  • understand psychological reactions to changes and can deal with them appropriately

communicate convincingly and know how to drive change effectively
apply what they have learned to their change projects already during their training

»Pioneering this program in collaboration with
CA controller akademie has been a great success. Within one and a half years a total of 54 participants from different
business functions have completed the program. The business entities request additional program runs and we are there to support them.«

Zlatka Radeva, Head of Finance/HR Academies, METRO AG

The learning path to become a Certified Change Agent

Change Agents

This inhouse Certified Change Agent program is also available in German.
We also offer a Certified Change Agent program for individuals on request.

Claudia Weyrauther is the trainer of this training program and guides your change agents through the entire learning path.

Claudia Weyrauther

As a trainer, consultant and coach, Dipl.-Psych. Claudia Weyrauther has extensive expertise in the implementation of transformation projects. Her goal is to create a new awareness and understanding of the psychological, systemic and cultural connections in teams and organizations, and to expand their personal development and change capacity as well as that of their teams and organizations with the help of new attitudes and skills.

Sylvia Grünbaum is your contact for questions regarding the planning and implementation of the inhouse Certified Change Agent Program.

Claudia Weyrauther ist Trainerin des Ausbildungsprogramms und führt Ihre Change Agents durch den gesamten Lehrnpfad.

Claudia Weyrauther

Dipl.-Psych. Claudia Weyrauther ist Trainerin, Beraterin und Coach in den Bereichen Team und Führung sowie Persönliche Kompetenzen. Sie verfügt über umfangreiche Expertise in der Umsetzung von Transformations-Vorhaben. Ihr Ziel ist es, bei Menschen ein neues Bewusstsein und Verständnis für die psychologischen, systemischen und kulturellen Zusammenhänge in Teams und Organisationen zu schaffen, und deren persönliche Entwicklungs- und Veränderungsfähigkeit sowie die ihrer Teams und Organisationen mithilfe neuer Haltungen und Kompetenzen zu erweitern.

Sylvia Grünbaum ist Ihre Ansprechpartnerin bei Fragen und berät Sie gerne zu diesem Ausbildungsprogramm.

Sylvia Gruenbaum