Depending on the seminar type, along with your seminar booking we will reserve hotel accommodation for you for the respective period.

For all seminars beginning on the eve of the seminar we will automatically book a single room for you from the eve of the seminar until its end date.

For all other seminars we kindly request you to make a hotel reservation yourself if you require a room. In the case of seminars lasting several days we block rooms in the respective hotels which you can take advantage of when you book your room. Please note that the rooms are only blocked for a limited period. We do not block rooms in the case of one-day seminars.

Lunch is always included in the seminar price.

In the case of seminars which begin on the eve of the seminar, in which we book the hotel room on your behalf, the rate quoted on our website is the all-inclusive half-board price per day with room, breakfast and evening meal. Important If you do not book our half-board rate, you will have to settle your evening meal directly with the seminar hotel as a so-called “day guest”.

Seminar drinks are also included in the seminar fees.

Even if we make the booking, the hotel costs are under no condition included in the specified seminar price, but must be settled by the seminar participant directly with the hotel at the respective half board rate (overnight accommodation with breakfast and evening meal) quoted on our website. If hotel cancellation fees are incurred due to cancellation at short notice as a result of your rebooking/cancellation we must pass on these costs to you.

You will find the hotel prices in the list of seminar dates. Each seminar location has a link to all hotel details including the prices.

  • In all cases where we take care of the hotel booking for you, the prices stated on our website are usually half board, i.e. they include breakfast and dinner. IMPORTANT: If you do NOT use our rate with the included half board price you will be considered a “day guest” and the seminar hotel will bill you directly for the meals you take.
  • For all other seminars, lunch costs are already included in the seminar fees. Seminar drinks are also included in the seminar fees.

Seminar participants usually pay directly for their hotel and board costs that are not included in the seminar fees at the end of the seminar, in cash or with a credit card. Upon request, the seminar hotels usually agree to a later payment via invoice, however they need a written declaration of assumption of costs by the employer/company in advance.

Possible additional charges

In the period between April 1 and October 31, the Feldafing municipality charges a visitor’s tax of € 0.75 per person per day. The Bernried municipality charges a daily visitor’s tax of € 0.30 all year round. This tax must be paid upon checkout at the hotel. Some cities levy an accommodation tax which hotels add to the room price.

You should schedule about 40 minutes travel time from Munich Hauptbahnhof (main station) to Feldafing and Bernried, and about 1 hour 30 minutes from Munich Airport to the stations of Feldafing and Tutzing. Travel time from Munich Airport to Munich Hauptbahnhof (main station) is roughly 40 minutes. You will find the exact train schedules on www.mvv-muenchen.de. We will send you further travel details about 3-4 weeks before the seminar.

If you have limited mobility and need to know which site is best suited to your needs, please call us (tel. +49 (0) 8153 88 974 – 0) or send us an email. We will be happy to assist you.

Most seminar participants are sent to our seminars by their companies, seminar costs can of course be claimed as business expenses. CA controller akademie is a purely private educational institution and has the status of a public limited company.

However, we do accept the so-called “education checks” e.g. by the State of North-Rhine Westphalia, and some of our seminars are considered executive education in the sense of the statute on educational leave. As Germany is federally structured, each federal state has different laws on executive education and its funding, and there is no standard reply on funding options. Please contact us if you think your participation can be subsidized. We will be happy to check in your particular case, whether the seminar you wish to attend can be co-funded.

Yes, Stage I is not a “beginners'” seminar. Its title is “Controllers Best Practice” because it crosslinks the entire content of the training program. People with specialist knowledge might even want to focus on Stage I because it provides an overview of controlling methods and tools. The majority of participants are controllers who have already gained experience in their fields. The systematic training program in five stages unfolds its optimum effects – long-term successful learning – if you proceed gradually. Participants seeking to shorten their path through the five-stage program may first focus on stages I, II, and IV with their methodological and practical subjects. Each stage can be booked individually at the time suitable for the participant. We recommend you start with stage I.

The majority of participants are already controllers when they attend our seminars. So the five-stage-program is not a requirement for admission to the profession of controller, but an enhancement, training and honing controlling skills in an actively practiced profession. Repeated surveys among our participants show that for the majority a final exam is unimportant. However, the participants’ presentations at the end of Stage V are evaluated by the trainer and the participants in the sense of a self-assessment.

You don’t have to bring anything special. However, we have listed a couple of items below that our participants thought were handy:

  • Colored pens
  • Marker pens
  • Pocket calculator
  • Ruler
  • Running shoes/clothes
  • Swimming gear – if a pool is available (or for swimming in the lake)
  • Sturdy shoes for the short outdoor walks at Hotel Marina in Bernried and Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth in Feldafing.

You are free to wear what you like. There is no dress code. Please bring something warm to wear, as the weather may cool down quite severely around Lake Starnberg, even in summer.