Inhouse Seminar: Business Charts and Dashboards with Excel

Excel is an indispensable part of controlling. Unfortunately, the solutions for business diagrams are often not very convincing in controllers’ practice, because important graphical functionalities are not offered in Excel in ready-made form. For a meaningful design, in the sense of the SUCCESS rules from the seminar Management Reporting – IBCS® with SUCCESS, for example, uniform scales, reader-friendly labels as well as deviation and waterfall diagrams are necessary. These can be implemented excellently in Excel, but only with the help of special working techniques and tricks. The result is controllable templates that fulfill all important design requirements and can be used for any application. This also includes dashboard pages that convey report content in an easily understandable and informative way. Dynamically controllable diagrams and tables show business data in condensed form and simultaneously form the user interface for larger amounts of data. Filters and sorting can be switched interactively via controls. Visually supported data analyses based on the self-service principle are thus also accessible to users without special IT know-how.

Your benefits

  • In the Business Charts and Dashboards with Excel training workshop, you will learn special working techniques and tricks that you can use to develop Excel chart templates for a wide variety of applications.
  • You are able to create sophisticated, reader-friendly business charts as well as clear page layouts and link them correctly with PowerPoint.
  • After this training you can also create meaningful dashboard pages with graphics and tables, which can be controlled interactively by the user via control elements.

Seminar content

  • Develop diagram templates for automatic monthly updates
  • Realize sophisticated diagrams such as waterfall or deviation analyses
  • Insert labels, lines and symbols, e.g. legend directly next to data series
  • Add context-related highlights, e.g. display of variances
  • Tips and tricks: Shortcuts, cell and number formats, data-dependent colour switching
  • Automatically synchronize diagram scales and optimize them according to space requirements
  • Design tables with automatic highlighting and data bars
  • Using interactive controls such as selection fields and data dice and slice
  • Dynamically update graph and table data sources with pivot tables
  • Develop practical implementation examples step by step

The seminar examples work in Microsoft Excel from version 2010. Average user knowledge in MS Excel is a prerequisite for successful participation, e.g. creating and editing formulas with SUM, IF or MAX and using absolute and relative cell references (with or without $ characters).

You can book this seminar as a package together with Data Analysis with Excel in the same week to save travel expenses of the trainer and to deal intensively with the topic of Excel.

Target group

The Business Charts and Dashboards with Excel seminar is aimed at anyone who wants to create sophisticated business graphics for management reporting. These are among others participants of the seminar Management reporting – IBCS® with SUCCESS, who want to learn now the technical implementation with a professional Excel coach.