Inhouse Seminar: Investment Controlling

Investments are one of the most important decisions in a company. High capital commitment and planning uncertainty place special demands on project managers and controllers. The decisive factor for the success of investments is therefore not only the quality of the calculation, but the entire process from conception to post-control. At the same time, investments represent the basis for increasing value and are closely linked to working capital management.

Your benefits

  • In the Investment Controlling seminar you will learn how to apply and master the current calculation methods.
  • In the training you will recognize obstacles and success factors of an integrated investment assessment.
  • In the Investment Controlling training you will intensively practice the most important methods and procedures in exercises and cases in order to be able to apply them yourself.

Seminar content

  • Overview of all aspects of investment controlling
  • Phases and process of investments
  • Possible applications and limits of static investment calculations, in particular profitability calculations
  • Dynamic investment calculation methods, net present value method (NPV), dynamic amortization calculation, capital costs (WACC)
  • Discounted cash flow (DCF), present value, terminal value, annuity and redemption schedule
  • The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) – a misunderstood parameter in the investment calculation
  • Simple methods for including risk: sensitivity and scenario
  • Investment management as part of business planning
  • Effect of taxes on the calculation
  • Investment value analysis: take qualitative aspects into account
  • Lessons learned: from the investment application to the follow-up check – a practical example
  • Leasing vs. purchase using a calculation example
  • Method of complete financial plans with case study including the effects of financing on the profitability of the investment

Exercises are done with Excel. Please use a notebook.

Target group

The Investment Controlling seminar is aimed at controllers who want to deepen their knowledge of investment assessment, project managers and project staff.