Inhouse Seminar: Sales Controlling

Sales and marketing concepts that worked yesterday are often outdated today. Digitization faces us with new challenges. The controller is in demand as a navigator in the “difficult water” of sales. It is all about the necessary transparency for business decisions. There is no other division than sales, where it is more substantial to define the right goals, to know the exact product mix and to use the sales force organization efficiently. The controller as an internal salesperson, with his eyes and ears on the market, is more in demand than ever.

Your benefits

  • In the Sales Controlling seminar we provide you with instruments for increasing efficiency in sales.
  • In this training you will learn how to deal with the operative and strategic instruments for sales controlling in a holistic way.
  • In practical case studies you will train their practical application.
  • Concrete implementation steps are taken from the work on self-chosen topics

Seminar content

  • Requirements of internal customers for sales controllers
  • Multidimensional management result account in sales
  • Customer controlling
  • Marketing controlling
  • Cost and value drivers in distribution
  • Resource management of a sales organization
  • Controlling in the sales cycle
  • Developing sales KPIs
  • Workshop on current sales topics of your company, e.g. sales controlling 4.0
  • Customer relationship management, E-Commerce, etc.
  • Strategic sales controlling, customer portfolios
  • Twelve steps for a modern sales controlling
  • Transfer into practice by means of personal target agreements

Target group

The Sales Controlling seminar is aimed at controllers who want to know and understand more about sales and sales management, as well as managers who want to familiarize themselves with the way of thinking and the instruments of sales controlling.