Inhouse Seminar: Successful Presentations

Being able to perform good presentations is no longer a choice today, but a duty and at the same time a chance to be successful in your profession. Personal charisma paired with sovereignty and self-confidence play an essential role as well as using the modern technology professionally. Only detailed specialist knowledge is not good enough. Your interlocutors or listeners want to perceive you, i.e. see, hear and feel you – regardless of whether you are giving a (free) speech or using a visualization aid in parallel.

Your benefits

  • You will learn how stress arises and what you can do about it.
  • Through exercises in front of the video camera, you will learn to deal with stress situations during presentations and get used to them.
  • You know what is important when presenting – whether in free speech or with the use of presentation software like PowerPoint.
  • You have mastered your presentation convincingly and learned reaction patterns for difficult situations and in front of plenaries.
  • You will learn tips and tricks on how to structure and visualize successful presentations.

Seminar content

  • Mind Map to structure successful presentations
  • Audience analysis to clarify the expectations of the auditorium
  • Tips for powerful visualization
  • My body goes crazy – dealing with nervousness and excitement
  • Use of different media to convey your contents
  • Avoid mistakes that are often made
  • Preparation for the “show down” on stage
  • Try yourself in front of the video camera with feedback

Target group

The seminar is suitable for all those who find themselves in situations where they have to present in front of an audience or have to speak freely and want to improve.