Inhouse Seminar: Process Optimization with Lean Management

Today consumers and B2B customers keep raising their demands on their supplying organizations. They expect even shorter delivery times, higher quality, more flexibility and more competitive pricing. On the other hand the organizations face rising pressure on costs, capital investments and working capital. In this demanding market set-up, one approach is improving batch-sizes, batch-time and total cycle-time plus the reduction of all kind of “waste” in the organization; thus driving towards “Lean” across the organization. This is connected with Working Capital Management, Industry 4.0 and substantial improvement of administrative processes. “Lean” has become the basis for competition in demanding markets.

Many companies failed in the implementation of Lean concepts during the last years. The main problem is that Lean is often seen as a “tool” instead of an integrated approach of thinking, acting and managing. Additionally, the focus is mostly on production. But after all, how can a lean production be useful when the administrative processes do not meet the requests of the customers? So Lean needs to include lean production as well as lean administration.

Your benefits

  • After finishing the seminar you understand the approach of Lean Thinking and you can transfer the essential principals and tools to your business. Production as well as the administrative processes of the company can be improved.
  • During the training you prove your knowledge with a continuing lean simulation.
  • You will learn about the critical success factors of the lean implementation and you will discover the changes required to move towards a lean organization.
  • Besides the systematic know-how, this training broadens your soft skills for a striking change management and the presentation of workshops.

Seminar content

  • History and development of Lean Management
  • Lean-Principles (Customer Equity, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, Perfection)
  • Process recording/-analysis and improvement with SIPOC, Swimlane and Value Stream Mapping (Value Stream analysis and design)
  • Learn to discover and to know different types of waste
  • Lean and efficient processes as a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Critical success factors for the lean implementation
  • Five steps to a lean company
  • The modified role of managers and executives
  • Systematic skills (i.e. Voice of customer, SIPOC, Swimlane, Value Stream analysis/-design, 5S, A3-report, PDCA, Ishikawa, Spaghetti-chart, Cycle time, Kanban, SMED improvement of the set-up time, Gemba-Walk)
  • Controlling in terms of Lean Management
  • Changemanagement

The Seminar is supported by a Lean Simulation in order to apply and to practice the introduced principles and tools!

Target group

The seminar Lean Management is especially suitable for directors and executives, project managers, controllers and employees from different divisions of a company, who would like to improve the internal processes of a business. The Seminar is suitable for manufacturing companies as well as for service companies.