3 minutes live at Seminar Stage V – Presentation & Moderation for Controllers

24.03.2020 from CA Redaktion | Controlling English

The task of controlling is not only to collect data and facts, to analyse and interpret them. The supreme discipline is to present these findings and recommendations to the management as a business partner and to manage measures. You learn and train this in detail in Stage V – Presentation and Moderation for Controllers.

We’ll take you with us and show you a 3-minute live excerpt from the seminar Stage V. In focus: Hierarchy in teams and team organisation. Train how to communicate in the management process in order to achieve successful corporate management.

Complete Workshop Content Stage V

I. Method Training

  • Strategic analysis and strategic program
  • Applying the strategic planning method Canvas
  • Visualization, presentation and moderation techniques
  • Applying question techniques in a targeted manner, especially when moderating
  • Protocol techniques for “solving problems as a team”

II. Personal Skills

  • Promoting and interfering behavioral patterns in teams and plenary sessions
  • Moderation of teams and plenaries
  • Presentation work in front of plenaries
  • Recommendations on behavior in these situations
  • Video analysis

III. Solving Complex Problems in Teams

  •  Team analysis: phases of team work
  •  Team composition and team efficiency
  •  Observing and giving feedback on behavior
  •  Structuring work processes
  •  Visualizing results

IV. Ensuring Transfer

  •  Reflection of own actions and effects
  •  As participants: What, how and when do I want to implement change?
  •   Success factors for implementation


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