Stage II - Financial & Management Accounting
Here you can expand your detailed knowledge of controlling methods.

3 minutes live at Seminar Stage II - Financial & Management Accounting


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Stage II - Financial & Management Accounting

Seminar-No. 9.2 Period: 5 Days
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Seminar-No. 9.2
Here you can expand your detailed knowledge of controlling methods.

Holistic corporate management requires linking profitability and financial transparency. Finance, Accounting and Legal have a significant impact on the numbers and thus on the performance measurement. At the same time commercial law is changing significantly. In group controlling the IFRS Standards are the driving forces. Small and medium enterprises experience the same changes with a time delay with the HGB (= German commercial code). Here german federal laws like BilMoG and BilRUG have initiated the same process of change. The associated integration of accounting tools is accelerated by stronger capital market orientation – bank and stock exchange. That is why we begin with integrated profit and financial planning, i.e. the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and financial ratios. Investments also have to be evaluated overall including their impact on enterprise value. Then we have comprehensive coverage of topics such as structure and fixed-cost controlling, pricing, customer value and sales controlling. Modern IT-instruments offer exciting new opportunities with all of these topics. We conclude with an understanding of the effect of internal charging and of (tax based) transfer pricing on key figures.

Your benefits

  • Stage II – Financial & Management Accounting expands the management accounting toolbox that has been developed in Stage I. At the same time, in addition to sales controlling, you extend your skills portfolio to include controlling of strategy, profitability, finance and sales
  • You develop detailed methodological skills in management accounting. You learn the importance and procedures associated with integrated management and financial planning and you will be able to apply your newly developed controlling tools in practice, after completing Stage II
  • You get familiar with modern IT-based opportunities for targeted management of structure costs and sales activities
  • The participants obtain implementation help with numerous feedback sessions in small groups

Seminar Content

I. Principles of Financial Accounting

  • Contribution Accounting, P&L according the Cost Summary and the Cost of Sales Method, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement
  • Balance sheet and liquidity planning (obstacles, simplifying assumptions)
  • Cash flow statement based on IAS 7 or DRS 21

II. Case Study for Medium Term Financial Planning

  • Plausibility checks for a business plan as part of the financial diagnosis: Key ratios on liquidity, stability and profitability as a “quick check”
  • Financial management and working capital in combination

III.  Value Based Controlling

  • Criteria for investment evaluations: payback period, Net Present Value NPV and investment portfolio; potential weaknesses of the Internal Rate of Return IRR
  • Calculation of the weighted average cost of capital WACC
  • Company valuation with the Shareholder Value (Discounted Cash Flow method DCF; plausibility check using multiples; fundamentals of due diligence)
  • Economic Value AddedTM as a measure of value creation and basis for incentives

IV. Controlling of Structure Costs / Fixed Costs

  • Plan and manage costs applying Zero Base Budgeting ZBB
  • Introduce and use Activity Based Costing ABC with limited effort
  • Process Mining: IT-based analysis & visualization of processes improve compliance, process stability and costs
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – a central component of digital transformation

V. Fundamentals of Sales and Customer Controlling

  • Overview: integration of strategic and operational sales controlling tools
  • Big Data in sales and marketing: influence of Predictive Analytics and Dynamic Pricing
  • Key figures for sales in a “digital world”
  • Target Costing – “strategic calculation” and management of customer value
  • Workshop: profit center accounting and segment reporting (IFRS 8 compliant), customer result account, sales deductions, incentive model for the sales force, dashboard for the sales manager

VI. Transfer Pricing

  • Conflicts of interest: managing performance versus tax optimization
  • Where and how transfer pricing influences controller’s key figures
  • Internal charging: an instrument to optimize the use of internal resources

Target groups

The Seminar Stage II – Financial & Management Accounting is adressed to managers and employees in controlling, financial accounting as well as in cost accounting, corporate planning, management information systems, business administration and development.


Dr. Klaus Eiselmayer

studied Industrial Engineering at the TU Graz University of Technology (Austria) where he also got his PhD. He worked for Technodat (IT), Porsche Salzburg and Magna (car industry), his last job there was head of finance and controlling. He started with CA Akademie AG in 1995 as trainer and became partner in 1997. Since 2012 he is board member and responsible for the trainer team. Dr. Eiselmayer is also board member of the IGC International Group of Controlling and the ICV International Association of Controllers. He specialized in business planning, management and financial accounting, value based management, presentation and moderation skills and teambuilding. He provides training and coaching in German and English language. From 2007-2013 he was editor of the Controller Magazin and board member of the publishing house VCW Verlag für ControllingWissen AG.

Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Pascher

is partner and trainer of CA Akademie AG and responsible manager for its International Program and CAonAir online training. He provides controlling and finance training in German, English, French and Spanish. He assists companies in putting strategic, operational and financial controlling topics into practice. Furthermore, he is an IBCS® certified trainer for better reporting and an expert for clear presentations and business partnering. He specializes on project and sales controlling and psychological principles of clear communication and leadership competences for change projects. Dietmar Pascher is an industrial engineer for informatics and business administration. He began his professional career as a sales controller for Frischeis AG, Austria's biggest retailer for furniture industry supplies. He then joined KNAPP AG in Graz, Austria - a world leading supplier for warehouse logistics – working as a project manager and controller for international projects. Before joining CA Akademie AG he was director of research and development for KNAPP AG.

Teilnehmerstimmen zu diesem Seminar
»The trainer has strong practice background, understandable way of sharing knowledge, is open for questions.«
Mateusz Prudlik, Stoelzle Szestochowa Sp. z.o.o.
»The training was organzied and structured very well with enough practical examples. It was intense so we covered a lot of different topics in a short time. I would recommend it.«
Stelyana Kirova
»Seminar content was excellent. The trainers made the topics interesting, relevant and easy to understand.«
Charlie Porterfield, Jenoptik Traffic Solutions UK Ltd
»Excellent seminar. Well structured and great content. The trainer is very knowledgeable and kept the seminar interesting by sharing real life examples/experiences.«
Danielle Galieta, GmbH
»Dietmar explains the theories and methods with real-life examples, which makes the content more lively and inspires us how to implement it in our work. The online session was organized very well. There was no technical issue, we were able to discuss in separate virtual rooms as separate groups, and also use virtual whiteboard to document ideas simultaneously.«
Hester He
»Useful, relevant content theory and case studies, very clear and interesting. Exceptional trainer, strong expertise, motivational, talented speaker, enthusiastic. Perfect organised online seminar, great approach working in teams, red life examples. Exceptional!«
Valentina Alexa
»Very good organized seminars with case studies to specific business cases and actual topics.«
Claudio Rossi, Rubner Holding AG - S.p.A.

Seminar-No.: 9.2

Period: 5 Days
87 Evaluations
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