How do you Identify the Need for Strategic Action arising from Digitization?

08.04.2020 from CA Redaktion | Controlling English

Hardly any company can keep its strategy unchanged in the face of the various challenges brought on by the increasing digitization of the economy and society – with all its opportunities and risks. The success of a company depends in large part on the corporate strategy, which constitutes a guideline for all activities and should regularly be adapted to changes in the environment.

A particular challenge in the further development of the corporate strategy is that often only a proposal is checked for plausibility without thinking about possible strategy variants.  An instrument that enables a structured description of one’s own corporate strategy and a comparison of this strategy with alternative strategy variants (including those of competitors) is the methodology of the “strategy dimension”.

In his recommendable technical contribution, Prof. Dr. Werner Gleißner, member of the board of the FutureValue Group and trainer of the CA controller akademie, describes the 20 strategy dimensions and explains their significance using a case study.

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