On our own behalf: How are our online trainings created?

30.07.2020 from CA Redaktion | Controlling English

The winners in the Corona crisis are digital offers. Whether shopping portals, delivery services or streaming services. But online training for professional development is also in demand. Especially when individual companies still impose travel restrictions on their employees, but want to use the time spent in the home office for professional development.

But online training is not just online training.

Anyone who has spent one or more conference or seminar days sitting in front of a computer knows how strenuous all-day concentration and learning can be, especially if there is an inadequate didactic concept behind it. Because simply streaming presentations and insufficient integration and interaction of the participants are exhausting for both sides, the participants and the presenter.

Therefore it was our aim to transfer the proven didactic concept of CA from the face-to-face seminars, namely working with flipchart, group work and feedback rounds, into digital formats. We have succeeded in doing this by combining several formats and implementing them in a technically professional manner in our own studios. A look behind the scenes shows the making of.

The seminar contents are structured in such a way that there is the possibility of free time allocation (for example for self-study or trainer discussions), but also that the common seminar time is repeatedly interrupted by breaks and group work in order to keep concentration and personal involvement stable and high. This mix of formats, with feedback rounds, group work and the possibility to repeat content, is offered by only a few further education institutions.

CAonAir Online Training stands for entertaining, intensive and efficient learning.

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