CMA® All Inclusive Package
You have all the tools and support needed to confidently conquer the CMA® exam.

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CMA® All Inclusive Package

Seminar-No. COA.CMA Period: 1 Day
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Seminar-No. COA.CMA
You have all the tools and support needed to confidently conquer the CMA® exam.

CA controller akademie offers you an exclusive CMA® package encompassing a complete CMA® Self Study Package as well as live online instructor-led tutorials before you take the exam.

  • IMA application and CMA® entrance fees
  • 1 year IMA membership
  • 2 exam fees for part 1 and 2
  • 3 years unlimited access to BECKER CMA® Review Advantage Package for part 1 and 2
  • Digital and printed books for part 1 and part 2
  • 2+1 practice-oriented Live Online Tutorials (Part 1 & 2 plus one repetition) with a duration of 2 hours each covering Q&A sessions, tips for taking the exam and practice essay questions (both parts) with proforma grading and individual feedback for every candidate

Your exclusive benefits in summary

  • No hassle of paperwork – we handle your IMA application, CMA® entrance and exam fees
  • Free access to highly sophisticated learning platform
  • Tips and graded test essays from a CMA® and CPA® trainer who writes test questions for the CMA® exam
CMA CA controller akademie

Please download before you register: Steps to become CMA®

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CMA® Exam

The CMA exams are computer-based and administered in hundreds of testing facilities worldwide including an online option. With three testing windows each year, you can sit for an exam part at a time convenient for you. Testing windows are Jan/Feb, May/Jun and Sep/Oct. To avoid additional entrance and exam fees both parts have to be passed within 3 years after registration with us.

To locate a Testing Centre close to you, visit

Tutorial Profile & Dates

Use up to three times within the first three years of registration the opportunity to take part in our two-hour live online tutorials with David Fairchild. David Fairchild, our instructor, is himself a CMA® and CPA® and writes test questions for the CMA® exam. Participants highly profit from his experience and excellent hints of how to take the exam.

During the two hours of each tutorial, David will answer your questions, give you helpful tips on passing the exam and will prepare an essay exam for either Part 1 or Part 2 (your choice). The exam questions can be practiced very well in the online test database you have access to. Essay writing is more difficult. The essay is assessed qualitatively by professors (to a small extent also in relation to English skills). Therefore, we offer this essay exam preparation for Part 1 and Part 2 in our tutorials. You will subsequently receive a proforma grading for your essay with individual written feedback (also in relation to your English level) within a couple of days after the tutorial.

The tutorials are offered always at the beginning of each test window from 9 to 11am CET.

BECKER CMA® Review Advantage Package

What’s included

  • 2-part review course
  • Digital and printed textbooks
  • 500+ flashcards
  • 4,000+ multiple choice questions
  • 76 essay questions
  • Lecture videos
  • Constantly updated content providing 100% coverage of the ICMA Learning Outcomes Statements
  • 76 SkillBuilder videos, step-by-step expert guides to each essay question
  • Adapt2U Technology
  • Simulated exams that replicate the CMA® experience
  • Personalized review sessions
  • Unlimited practice tests
  • Success coaching
  • Academic support
  • Online FAQ database


All seminars of CA controller akademie meet the requirements for professional education training credits from IMA®.

Content Video Training (150 videos – 36 hours)

A.1. Financial Statements: Part 1
A.1. Financial Statements: Part 2
A.2. Asset Valuation: Receivables
A.2. Asset Valuation: Inventory
A.2. Investments and Long-Term Assets
A.2. Liabilities and Equity
A.2. Special Valuation Considerations: Taxes and Leases
A.2. Revenue Recognition and Income Measurement

B.1. Strategic Planning
B.2. Budgeting Concepts
B.3. Forecasting Techniques
B.4. Budgeting Methodologies
B.5. Annual Profit Plan and Supporting Schedules: Part 1
B.5. Annual Profit Plan and Supporting Schedules: Part 2
B.6. Top-Level Planning and Analysis

C.1. Cost and Variance Measures: Part 1
C.1. Cost and Variance Measures: Part 2
C.2. Responsibility Centers
C.2. Transfer Pricing
C.3. Performance Measures: Part 1
C.3. Performance Measures: Part 2

D.1. Measurement Concepts: Part 1, and D.3. Overhead Costs: Part 1
D.1. Measurement Concepts: Part 2
D.1. Measurement Concepts: Part 3, D.2. Costing Systems: Part 1, and D.3. Overhead Costs: Part 2
D.2. Costing Systems: Part 2, and D.3. Overhead Costs: Part 3
D.4. Supply Chain Management
D.5. Business Process Improvement

E.1. Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Part 1
E.1. Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Part 2, and E.2. System Controls and Security Measures

F.1. Information Systems
F.2. Data Governance
F.3. Technology-Enabled Finance Transformation
F.4. Data Analytics: Part 1
F.4. Data Analytics: Part 2


David Fairchild

conducts as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) the live online tutorials for the CMA All-Inclusive-Package of the CA controller akademie. He has extensive professional experience in multiple areas of corporate finance and accounting for US multinational corporations. Membership in the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

Teilnehmerstimmen zu diesem Seminar
»Thank you very much again for the tutorial. This was very helpful and included quite a lot of information that couldn´t be found in the IMA or Becker material.«
Claudia Trabold, Project Controller, SSI Schäfer Automation GmbH
»Dear David, I've received my test results for part 1 of the exam in June (I passed!) and wanted to say thank you. Without your course I would not have passed. I truly hope you and the CA helped my fellow participants the same way and will also in future.«
Benjamin Gillgasch

Seminar-No.: COA.CMA

Current dates
Live Online Tutorials
09.09.2024, 09 - 11 am CET
17.12.2024, 09 - 11 am CET
06.05.2025, 09 - 11 am CET
09.09.2025, 09 - 11 am CET
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