Stage V - Presentation & Moderation for Controllers
Improve your communication skills and boost your emotional intelligence to persuade others.
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  • Stage V - Presentation & Moderation for Controllers

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    Today controllers are also expected to be business partners. In this workshop all the soft skills which are required to improve the management process are taught. You find out how you as a controller and business partner are a catalyst for conferences, communication (presentation and visualization) and coordination (strategic-operational budgets). You learn how to understand difficult facts, to get to the heart of the matter and to draw up proposals from which decisions can be made immediately. You improve your communication skills and understand how to solve problems in a team.

     Your benefits

    • With Stage V – Presentation and Moderation for controllers you’ll extend and optimize your communication skills as a controller and business partner.
    • You are proficient in the most important rules of presentation for your „sales pitch“ as controller.
    • In the seminar you gain an insight into the techniques and success factors for solving complex problems.
    • You fulfill the role model of the business partner as facilitator of group processes.
    • During the workshop you receive implementation assistance through extensive group feedback to secure know-how transfer.

    Workshop Content

    I. Method Training

    • Strategic analysis and strategic programme
    • SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
    • Visualization, presentation and moderation techniques
    • Applying question techniques in a targeted manner, especially when moderating
    • Protocol techniques for “problem solving in a team”

    II. Personal Skills

    • Behavioral indicators for competition or co-operation in teams
    • Facilitation and moderation of small groups as well as a plenary session
    • Presentation in front of a plenary audience
    • Behavioral recommendations in these situations
    • Video analysis

     III. Solving Complex Problems in Teams

    • Phases, which teams go through
    • Characteristics of high performing teams
    • Guidelines for successful teamwork
    • Visualization of results

    IV. Transfer into Practice

    • Develop an awareness of your own actions and impact
    • As a participant: what will I put into practice where, how and when?
    • Implementation success factors
    • Diploma-worthy presentations of top class solutions

    Target groups

    Stage V – Presentation and Moderation for controllers is adressed to managers and employees in controlling, financial accounting as well as in cost accounting, corporate planning, management information systems, business administration and development


    Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Klaus Eiselmayer

    studied Industrial Engineering at the TU Graz University of Technology (Austria) where he also got his PhD. He worked for Technodat (IT), Porsche Salzburg and Magna (car industry), his last job there was head of finance and controlling. He started with CA Akademie AG in 1995 as trainer and became partner in 1997. Since 2012 he is board member and responsible for the trainer team. Dr. Eiselmayer is also board member of the IGC International Group of Controlling and the ICV International Association of Controllers. He specialized in business planning, management and financial accounting, value based management, presentation and moderation skills and teambuilding. He provides training and coaching in German and English language. From 2007-2013 he was editor of the Controller Magazin and board member of the publishing house VCW Verlag für ControllingWissen AG.

    Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Pascher

    is partner and trainer of CA Akademie AG and responsible manager for its International Program and CAonAir online training. He provides controlling and finance training in German, English, French and Spanish language. He assists companies in putting strategic, operational and financial controlling topics into practise. Furthermore, he is IBCS® certified trainer for better reporting and expert for clear presentations and business partnering. He specialized on project and sales controlling and psychological principles of clear communication and leadership competences for change projects. Dietmar Pascher is industrial engineer for informatics and business administration. First he worked as a sales controller in Frischeis AG, Austrians biggest retailer for furniture industry supplies. Second he joined KNAPP AG in Graz, Austria - world leading supplier for warehouse logistics – working as a project manager and controller for international projects. Before joining CA Controller Akademie he was director of research and development for KNAPP AG.

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    Seminar-Nummer: 9.5 Seminardauer: 5 Tage
    57 Bewertungen

    Kontakt und Beratung

    Martina Wiegand
    Seminar buchen:
    ausgebucht Restplätze verfügbar frei
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